So I am revisiting this blog, rebooting and resetting it!! Hmmmm so must has happened and changed since my last entry. I deleted a few posts but thought hey what they heck leave them up there. So here is where we are….I am 3 years vegan/WFPB – whole food plant based. I have been a very active participant in the strongwoman and powerlifting world and now I am running and back to CrossFit…huh…I thought things changed? The more things change the more they stay the same?

I am coming out of a 22 year relationship and trying to find which way is up…but I am having fun figuring things out. Oh, and did I mention I have a 6 year old now?! He’s awesome, but makes me exhausted, crazy, in love, frustrated…..

So where are we today and what am I focused on and what am I doing. I am working as an IT project manager and while I love living on the cutting edge of technology and getting a handle on it, it is pretty dry…so I have been really indulging my creative side and drawing like a mad woman and enjoying and growing in that regard.

I still collect fountain pens like a crazy woman…. stay tuned….for more…

I will be talking about running and fountain pens, and art supplies….stay tuned for reviews and opinions on it all!

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