09212020 Getting ready for next painting session

Evolve Artists

Getting ready for paint and a more complicated object. Kind of excited to get this one painted – here’s hoping I can pull it off. This time I followed the advice of my fellow students and did a tracing instead of drawing directly on the canvas. I felt like it gave me a little more confidence on the drawing. Ride ‘em cowgirl!

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09172020 life drawing and still life’s

Evolve Artists

Some warm-ups for life drawing and the first time using procreations for life drawing. I have never really liked the way my procreate drawings look like – too mechanical,not very natural but these are getting a little warmer? The warm-ups are on newsprint.

Still life studies for painting class – potato – pahtato? I’m going with the last one. I moved the light to the SIDE of the box!

Since we left left our superhero…..

Evolve Artists

Soooo…. it’s been a long road since I have last posted and to say I have had some changes is putting it lightly but without getting into ALL the insane details, here I am divorced after a 20 year relationship and with an 8 year old to raise…

All that aside, I feel as though I have been on a trajectory to be who I was always meant to be. After much, MUCH, MUCH .. self reflection, I move towards what I want to do and I am called to do versus what is expected of me and meeting my obligations to be the good girl – or to do the right and responsible thing. That is NOT to say that those are incongruent with being a good person, but to be a better person it is helpful to align those things with what I WANT to do. The recent changes in my life the past two years have really freed me up mentally and emotionally to pursue THAT authentic person.

So my goal is to pursue art and be the best artist I can be and express myself through that. I have been on a slow roll towards that end. I started in sketchbook skool and other online courses here and there to grow my confidence and skills, but I have been really craving to elevate those skills.

I make it part of my daily practice to ALWAYS be doing something daily to grow my skills, a sketch a mark, something, anything that is rolling that ball forward and enhancing my skills. I recognize and appreciate that ‘talent’ is often confused with hard work, so I believe that constantly and consistently working on my skills is the only way to improve but I also feel like I want to move up a few levels, so in July I signed up for the Evolve program to learn through an atelier system how to be a better artist through learning oil painting.

Inspired by Jonathan Hardesty I am putting together this blog to document my progress and do my very best to honor the commitment of getting a photo of whatever I did that day up here, the good, the bad and the ugly!

So here is todays entry. My still life sketch ready for painting for Block 2 Excercise 14 of the Evolve Program.

Inktober 2018

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So how is Inktober treating everyone – now that we are officially halfway through?

I have been enjoying it. As always some real hits and then some misses, but the point is that I keep the pen and mind moving.

I did a self portrait series in August and I really enjoyed pushing myself and using all types of mediums and started using gouache for the first time and I really do love it – inspired of course by Roz Stendahl’s work. So I miss using different types of medium but maybe this break will bring back the force strong!

Some of the fun self portraits I did.

I am also enjoying taking a procreate course from France Van Stone at Sktchy as I upgraded my iPad and got an Apple Pencil.

For my birthday I am going to Sketchkon 2018 in Pasadena, CA and I am so stinking excited. I was hoping it would be a post divorce celebratory trip…but that does not seem to be the case…it drags on..but my spirits are good and I am ready.

I am looking forward to learning from teachers I really admire, including Ms Roz herself!


In fitness and running news….

I have started back to Crossfit at Crossfit Everlasting so I am excited about that. I also picked my 50k race! The Dirty German 50k in Philadelphia, PA! May 11th, 2019. My coach at Crossfit Everlasting said he could build me a training plan…so lets do this!!!