So I am revisiting this blog, rebooting and resetting it!! Hmmmm so must has happened and changed since my last entry. I deleted a few posts but thought hey what they heck leave them up there. So here is where we are….I am 3 years vegan/WFPB – whole food plant based. I have been a very active participant in the strongwoman and powerlifting world and now I am running and back to CrossFit…huh…I thought things changed? The more things change the more they stay the same?

I am coming out of a 22 year relationship and trying to find which way is up…but I am having fun figuring things out. Oh, and did I mention I have a 6 year old now?! He’s awesome, but makes me exhausted, crazy, in love, frustrated…..

So where are we today and what am I focused on and what am I doing. I am working as an IT project manager and while I love living on the cutting edge of technology and getting a handle on it, it is pretty dry…so I have been really indulging my creative side and drawing like a mad woman and enjoying and growing in that regard.

I still collect fountain pens like a crazy woman…. stay tuned….for more…

I will be talking about running and fountain pens, and art supplies….stay tuned for reviews and opinions on it all!

I have finally become a student of the Run

Crossfit, Crossfit Endurance, Running, Trail Running

So finally the time has come and I have actually started studying things like pace, splits and other assundries that my fancy watch affords me(you’re welcome for the instructional graphics). I have had this watch for some time but other than using it to check mileage, I really haven’t made the most of it. Now I pour over it to study…did I keep my pace steady?  Did I improve my pace since last week and more recently since I started trail running….WHERE THE F*** AM I??!! And how do I get home??


Crossfit, Trail Running

So here’s the dealio….going all in on this Crossfit thing. Starting to ramp up my Crossfit workouts and got a Crossfit Endurance Coach to prepare for the HAT 50k run(ZOINKS SCOOBY!  What have I done!!??). I am really enjoying both and as my Coach Jen says, I’ve learned to run SLOW and it’s time to step it up. I am a tad bit concerned and lack a little faith in dropping the long run…but we’ll see how it goes. Stay tuned….



I am starting a new adventure into Crossfit training…I did the Intro Session at my local affiliate(well local to my office, not my home) Crossfit Done Right . It seemed soooo simple. 500 meter row, 40 squats, 30 situps, 20 push-ups and 10 pull-ups(ok THAT seemed hard). The pull-ups were modified as hanging from rings and pulling my body up at an angle. I finished in 11:08. Seriously…I was sore for three days! At first it was a good sore, then it rolled into a painful, stiff sore, then it became WTF sore!  So what do I do, I start building my own at home gym…..really?  I’m that crazy. Did my first WOD today at work gym….so here goes:

Three rounds for time of:
Row 250 meters
10-35 pound Front squat 15 Sit-ups
20 Box jumps, 15 inch box

It was done for time and I completed it in 14:48.

I will attempt the Crossfit Endurance workout for 9 minute all out run effort.

Down but not out!!!

Running, Trail Running

I had a great vacation in the Outer Banks….got a couple of runs and a bike ride in. I had a 10k trail run this weekend. My first trail race ever and to say it did not go well is an understatement. I woke up Friday am, with the sniffles that developed into a full blown head cold by Saturday morning. I must say that the River Valley Ranch 10k trail run was an awesome course, I wish I had felt better to really enjoy it. I was sooo out of it the whole run. I was so slow that they rolled the finish mat up on me, so my time was not actually recorded and I think I am OK with that. It was a little discouraging and has me concerned for my upcoming marathon and 50k. I decided though to make the most of my time not able to run and came up with my training plan. So onward and upward to the next journey. I will press on!

My new running shoes…shhh don’t tell!

Running, Trail Running

Last week I attended the Newton Natural Running Clinic at Charm City Run. I love my Vibram’s and have had great success in them. I own the Treks, KSOs and now the Bikilas but I haven’t had the courage to run on the trails in them, so I wanted a ‘natural’ running shoe that would protect my virgin trail feet from the miscellaneous rocks, roots, snakes and other unknowns! So I tried these on and they had me at vibrant orange! I have run 11 miles on the NCR trail and 3 1/2 miles at Double Rock Park and I gotta tell you I really like them. I am still convinced that minimalist running is the best thing for me, but I am a little chicken on the rocks and such. I have to tell you though along with my orange running shirts. I am ready for hunting season on the trails that’s for sure!

Shadow Boxing….

Running, Swimming, Triathlon

So a long time ago, I read The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron and I learned of the term ‘Shadow Artist’. What that means is that you tend to align and surround yourself with Artists – in their shadow. Maybe as a way to be involved with the arts or maybe as a way to feed the craving of your inner artist. My partner believes that I am and have been a shadow artist. I am an architect, but I have never been as much as a ‘DESIGNER’ as I have been a person interested in how to build it.

So now I have a new term for is a shadow athlete. I love and crave sports and somehow being involved. I was always the team manager, or I played for the year but really lacked the discipline and the commitment that showing up every DAY or playing when your hurt or sticking with it when you don’t feel like it requires. I have been reading, studying and watching about cycling, running, triathlons and now Ultra Running. I have done a couple of events, 2 marathons, 2 triathlons and random cycling events. The question is do I have what it takes to come out of my own dark shadows of discipline to truly make a go of it to sign up for some REAL challenging events that require all of me and my focus. Get away from reading about it and…well….just doing it?  I think this year the answer is YES! Stay tuned for the announced schedule and help me stick to it!

The Obstacles….


So YEAH, I got to go break out my new bike and enjoy the 74 degree weather here in Baltimore this weekend! So it got me to thinking as I am struggling to make this government gig work. I have applied, gotten the job, not the offer, struggled to make sense of the application and selection process….I could go on and on!  So I was remembering some things that were emphasized in a Mountain Bike Course as I rode yesterday. Whenever you have an obstacle in your way, FOCUS ON THE EXIT or the end result, where you want to be. Your bike and body will follow thru where your mind and focus is.

Crazy apt metaphor for life. I have always unconsciously lived my life this way and then as you get older, I think the obstacles get more and more obvious and mentally bigger and bigger, as the perception is that more is at stake, your family, mortgage payments, car payments, bills, responsibility….you name it. I let fear of failure keep from remembering to focus on the EXIT, my body and success will follow where my eyes and mind go!



Random Musings

Time….is getting me….waiting for an offer for a government job….this is time in Government HR terms…waiting for this offer is driving me crazy. I checked my email frantically the first few days, then spoke with my new boss and he assured me it was OK, then I felt better, now it’s been two weeks and after much research on the internet realized that it could be a wwwhhhhhillllleeee…..but thankfully I am working now, so all is well.

Meanwhile back on the ranch, I have verified with UPS that these will be waiting for me when I arrive home…..YEAH!  So I am trying to figure if I should go for my noon time run or what and risk running in the rain to run in my new Evo’s who are waitin’ for Momma!

Shamrock Half awaits in less than 2 weeks!