Paleo Challenge – Day 1

So here we go Day 1 of the Paleo Challenge….did a ‘lil Kelly this weekend…URGH! It was killer. All the WODS seem so easy on paper…then about 15 whatevers in…BAMMMM.

So Lil’ Kelly….3 Rounds:
400 meter run
30 box jumps(Rx’d was 20″ – I did a 14″ high box)
30 wall balls(Rx’d for women was 14 #, I did 10# – afterall that is a LOT of wall balls)

Time: 22:14  a lot to grow on…so I am looking forward to reigning in my eating and eating clean, as that is basically what paleo is, except exclusion of dairy and grains…

So I am keeping a food journal and workout journal and my WODS can be found here

I have finally become a student of the Run

So finally the time has come and I have actually started studying things like pace, splits and other assundries that my fancy watch affords me(you’re welcome for the instructional graphics). I have had this watch for some time but other than using it to check mileage, I really haven’t made the most of it. Now I pour over it to study…did I keep my pace steady?  Did I improve my pace since last week and more recently since I started trail running….WHERE THE F*** AM I??!! And how do I get home??


So here’s the dealio….going all in on this Crossfit thing. Starting to ramp up my Crossfit workouts and got a Crossfit Endurance Coach to prepare for the HAT 50k run(ZOINKS SCOOBY!  What have I done!!??). I am really enjoying both and as my Coach Jen says, I’ve learned to run SLOW and it’s time to step it up. I am a tad bit concerned and lack a little faith in dropping the long run…but we’ll see how it goes. Stay tuned….


I am starting a new adventure into Crossfit training…I did the Intro Session at my local affiliate(well local to my office, not my home) Crossfit Done Right . It seemed soooo simple. 500 meter row, 40 squats, 30 situps, 20 push-ups and 10 pull-ups(ok THAT seemed hard). The pull-ups were modified as hanging from rings and pulling my body up at an angle. I finished in 11:08. Seriously…I was sore for three days! At first it was a good sore, then it rolled into a painful, stiff sore, then it became WTF sore!  So what do I do, I start building my own at home gym…..really?  I’m that crazy. Did my first WOD today at work gym….so here goes:

Three rounds for time of:
Row 250 meters
10-35 pound Front squat 15 Sit-ups
20 Box jumps, 15 inch box

It was done for time and I completed it in 14:48.

I will attempt the Crossfit Endurance workout for 9 minute all out run effort.