Paleo Challenge – Day 1

So here we go Day 1 of the Paleo Challenge….did a ‘lil Kelly this weekend…URGH! It was killer. All the WODS seem so easy on paper…then about 15 whatevers in…BAMMMM.

So Lil’ Kelly….3 Rounds:
400 meter run
30 box jumps(Rx’d was 20″ – I did a 14″ high box)
30 wall balls(Rx’d for women was 14 #, I did 10# – afterall that is a LOT of wall balls)

Time: 22:14  a lot to grow on…so I am looking forward to reigning in my eating and eating clean, as that is basically what paleo is, except exclusion of dairy and grains…

So I am keeping a food journal and workout journal and my WODS can be found here

Going back to Pal-e – Paleo that is!

So this weekend my box…Arenal Fitness is starting the 30 day Paleo Challenge. I have already been experimenting with it with some reasonable results. I did a couple of weeks of Monday – Friday of strict Paleo and in two weeks I lost 5 pounds! But no Frappuccino’s :-((( So that will really be my challenge is letting go of the frap. But I am really excited about taking this journey. They are actually having us start on the 15th, so we get to carbo load with and for our Valentine’s day.  So I shall keep you up to date on my progress and let you know. It is contrary to my previous vegetarian lifestyle, but the science and logic kind of make sense and many have debunked the China study.

I think my big challenge will be to find food that is consistent with my beliefs of ethical and safe treatment of animals that is good for them, me and the planet. My success in life should not be at the complete extinction and exploitation of another.

I have a good head start as I have pretty much all but given up dairy. The only thing it is good for is raising a 100 lb newborn calf to a 2000 lb cow.  The only thing I use milk for is to drink it with my morning cappuccino, but I already talked to my building’s barista and I can bring my own almond milk and they will mix it with some expresso!!! Yeah!

So stay tuned for progress!