Shadow Boxing….

Running, Swimming, Triathlon

So a long time ago, I read The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron and I learned of the term ‘Shadow Artist’. What that means is that you tend to align and surround yourself with Artists – in their shadow. Maybe as a way to be involved with the arts or maybe as a way to feed the craving of your inner artist. My partner believes that I am and have been a shadow artist. I am an architect, but I have never been as much as a ‘DESIGNER’ as I have been a person interested in how to build it.

So now I have a new term for is a shadow athlete. I love and crave sports and somehow being involved. I was always the team manager, or I played for the year but really lacked the discipline and the commitment that showing up every DAY or playing when your hurt or sticking with it when you don’t feel like it requires. I have been reading, studying and watching about cycling, running, triathlons and now Ultra Running. I have done a couple of events, 2 marathons, 2 triathlons and random cycling events. The question is do I have what it takes to come out of my own dark shadows of discipline to truly make a go of it to sign up for some REAL challenging events that require all of me and my focus. Get away from reading about it and…well….just doing it?  I think this year the answer is YES! Stay tuned for the announced schedule and help me stick to it!

The Obstacles….


So YEAH, I got to go break out my new bike and enjoy the 74 degree weather here in Baltimore this weekend! So it got me to thinking as I am struggling to make this government gig work. I have applied, gotten the job, not the offer, struggled to make sense of the application and selection process….I could go on and on!  So I was remembering some things that were emphasized in a Mountain Bike Course as I rode yesterday. Whenever you have an obstacle in your way, FOCUS ON THE EXIT or the end result, where you want to be. Your bike and body will follow thru where your mind and focus is.

Crazy apt metaphor for life. I have always unconsciously lived my life this way and then as you get older, I think the obstacles get more and more obvious and mentally bigger and bigger, as the perception is that more is at stake, your family, mortgage payments, car payments, bills, responsibility….you name it. I let fear of failure keep from remembering to focus on the EXIT, my body and success will follow where my eyes and mind go!