To Veg or not to Veg??

….that is the question. I have been moving more and more to a vegetarian lifestyle.  I have read enough and believe enough that the government agencies that are meant to protect us from harm have lost their teeth and competence to protect the people they are put in place to guard.  I have watched the movie Food, Inc.

Enough!!  In addition, I really want to get my weight down for the spring and summer race season. I am not Vegan yet, although I really don’t drink milk except soy milk and the only reason I buy that is that it never goes bad. I am going to move that way.


Getting thru and building new goals

So the new Year…a lot going on, so some changes are afoot. Not as a direct relation to RESOLUTIONS but as the evolution of time, my experiences in life and contemplative ways. I have been studying Buddhism and Meditating with a local Sangha …The Baltimore Dharma Group. A great group of people… so maybe it is age, maybe it is practice but I have been more deliberate(in some ways) of contemplation and making very informed descisions and less on impulse. So contemplating some professional changes and opportunities.

Vibram Five Fingers

On the sporting front been studying and training in Minimal Running Footwear and that is kind of banging. I am really enjoying running in my VFF’s.  It is really fun to experiment with as I prepare for the Half Marathon I am training for in March. It makes winter training fun and adventurous. I’ll let you know how it goes!

My Feelings EXACTLY!!

Going Rogue: Buddhist’s for Sarah Palin

Please see this post and it expresses my thoughts exactly on the Mindless idolatry of the Mindless thoughts and leadership of the people who have strangled the real thinkers and believers of the Republican Party. I have never been a Republican, but I do miss the times when the argument was over ideas and principles, not the Karl Rove tactics of detroy first and appologize for getting it wrong later.

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome as I post random thoughts and musings about my life and things I follow – politics, religion, triathlons, cycling….you name it!